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It's cold outside, but colder for kids living on the street, help Saturday in Hoover

Help Stand up for Kids fight Youth Homelessness by donating goods and time tomorrow at Wal-Mart 150
Help Stand up for Kids fight Youth Homelessness by donating goods and time tomorrow at Wal-Mart 150

A special organization named StandUp For Kids exists to help homeless youth,as well as those at risk for becoming homeless. StandUp for Kids is a nationally recognized nonprofit volunteer organization, committed to the rescue of homeless and street kids. For more than 18 years, StandUp for Kids on-the-streets outreach efforts have worked to find, stabilize and otherwise help homeless and street kids improve their lives. Just this past year, a branch has opened up here in Birmingham.

Hoover is host to their first even this year. Volunteers will be posted at the Hoover Walmart on 150 this Saturday from 8-2. The group will be collecting names of potential volunteers for the program, as well as collecting food, medical supplies and clothing for the homeless kids they serve. While you shop at Wal-Mart, please consider buying a couple of items for the care packs. Items greatly needed are listed below.

January 15th and 16th the group will have formal outreach training. You have to have a background check to participate. If you have not done so already but would like to be trained please get with Mike ASAP

January 22nd will be Art Buzz night. Here is their calendar link. If you put your mouse over the info for the 22nd it will show you the picture that will be painted. It costs $30 to participate and $10 of that will go to StandUp For Kids.

The first formal outreach event will be on January 23rd from 12-2:30 at Magnolia Park. Directions will be available at training on the 15th and 16th.

Please come out and make this event, and the subsequent outreaches a success. For more information, contact Amy Knox at Become a fan of Stand up For Kids on Facebook.

Outreach Food Packets
Small Serving Sizes

* 1 Moist Towelette
* 2 Juice (small carton w/straw)
* 1 Small (pop top) Pudding/Fruit Cup
* 1 Chocolate Candy Bar
* 1 Small (pop top) Beenie Weenie / Spaghetti etc.
* 1 Napkin & Plastic Ware Packet
* 1 Granola Bar
* 1 Small Box of Raisins
* 1 Package of Gum
* 1 Package of Chips

Hygiene Kits
Please provide in the small TRAVEL SIZES

* Deodorant (male and female)
* Lip Balm
* Disposable Razor
* Single Packs of Vitamins (Multi-Vitamins)
* Comb/Brush
* Small Shampoo
* Small Conditioner
* Tissue
* Toothbrush - Toothpaste - Dental Floss
* Sun Screen
* Handi-Wipe
* Feminine Products
* Small Soap

Providing some of the above items, to help us make packets is also greatly appreciated!

First Aid Kits

* 2 Small Band Aids
* 2 Alcohol/Benadine Prep Pads
* 1 Small First Aid Cream
* 2 Large Band Aids
* 2 Small Gauze Packets
* Small Sewing Kits
* 1 Medium Needle
* 3 Colors of Thread (Also, dental floss if possible)
* 4 buttons

Clothing Items
We need clothing items for the kids on a regular basis. These are the most frequently used items that we never seem to have enough of (need sizes to fit teenagers):

* Socks
* Large or X-Large Hooded Sweatshirts
* Backpacks
* Large Jeans
* Towels
* Underwear (Bras, Panties, Boxers)
* Blankets
* Sleeping Bags
* Jackets


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