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It's broken? Desert Mobile RV Repair to the rescue

Las Vegas Strip
Las Vegas Strip
Photo by Gretyl

Sooner or later, it’s going to happen. You can’t expect your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom to go bumping down the road, mile after mile, without something going to pieces. Even if things don’t break, they are bound to need some maintenance. If you’re not one of those gifted people who are mechanically inclined, who are you going to call?

Finding a qualified RV technician to do maintenance and repairs can be one of the most important decisions you make as an RV owner. Some people advertising themselves as experienced and qualified RV technicians can actually do more harm than good, and leave you with a bigger problem than you started with. Finding someone you can trust with your home on wheels can be tricky.  Although there are web sites that advertise directories of RV technicians, after searching multiple states, the search results turn up empty. It seems that this is one industry where you have to rely on that old-fashioned way of finding people with whom to do business: Word of mouth.

One of the great things about RV travel is that you are continually meeting new people from all over the country. These people are a great resource for finding reliable and qualified service people. Ask them if they have had anyone do any repairs or maintenance in the area, and if they can make a recommendation. Oftentimes the owners, managers, or employees of RV parks and campgrounds will be able to make a recommendation, and there are often RV technicians advertising their services in the map that the RV park hands out when you check in.

Asking questions before engaging the services of an RV technician is important. What is their background, education, and experience in RV repairs?  What is the expected cost of the repairs, how long will the job take, and what is involved? What if something isn’t working right after they are done, do they stand behind their work? It’s also a good idea to watch the technician while they are doing the repairs so that you know exactly what has been done and why.

While everyone’s experience hiring an RV technician is different, and no one can guarantee that yours will be problem-free, it might also be helpful to find a technician who is Master Certified. This tells you that the technician has been educated and obtained experience in RV repairs.

Master Certified technicians can be difficult to locate, but a great one can be found in Las Vegas. Mark Price of Desert Mobile RV Repair is an RVIA, RVSA Master Certified Technician who, along with his partner, recently performed maintenance and repairs for this writer, and did so in an extremely competent and conscientious manner. These guys came highly recommended by the RV park, and doing business with them was a real pleasure. Mark is licensed and insured, and can be reached at (702) 379-7966, or more information can be obtained from his web site


  • Nancy 5 years ago

    Heidi, you wrote a very interesting piece, with very important and helpful information. What a great resource your Examiner articles are... even for those of us who don't have RVs! :o)

  • Rick 5 years ago

    Did Rily break something?
    Nice article,

  • Mike & Reggi 2 years ago

    Michael & Mark are very professional and outstanding technicians. We have a seal issue and needed a repair done on our Big Slider to fix poor workmanship from a previous repair done in Corpus Christi Texas, - Michael & Mark made the slider look like new. Their attention to detail is number one. We HIGHLY recommend them. - Mike & Reggi

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