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It's "Bo-Time!" for Pelosi if Panthers lose

Nancy Pelosi may be the biggest name since Scotty McCreery to enjoy Bojangles
Nancy Pelosi may be the biggest name since Scotty McCreery to enjoy Bojangles

In yet another partisan disagreement on Capitol Hill, North Carolina Republican Congressman Richard Hudson has made a wager with House Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on the outcome of this Sunday's NFL playoff game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Carolina Panthers.

The wager? Not money. Not support for a bill.

As former Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme used to say, "Show me the chicken!" The two rivals wagered famous foods from their respective districts.

That's right, Nancy Pelosi's hometown San Francisco 49ers win in Charlotte this weekend, Congressman Hudson will provide Leader Pelosi with a meal of Bojangles Fried Chicken, Lance crackers, and "plenty of Cheerwine to wash it all down". According to a confidently-worded statement from Hudson, "If Leader Pelosi is so desperate to taste some delicious southern food and Cheerwine that she would enter into a bet she is sure to lose, you have to wonder what they’re feeding those folks out on the West Coast,” Hudson said. “But if she really wants to do this, I’ll gladly enjoy some San Francisco sweets every day next week while the Panthers are on their way to a conference championship."

However, if Hudson's Carolina Panthers pull out a victory at Bank of America Stadium, Pelosi will deliver to Hudson sourdough bread from San Francisco's Boudin's Bakery and chocolate from Ghiradelli and TCHO. No Rice-a-Roni will exchange hands in the deal. In a press release this afternoon from Pelosi, she says: "San Francisco’s legendary chocolate and sourdough aren’t going anywhere: the 49ers are going to flatten the Panthers. I look forward to starting next week with a hearty meal of chicken, crackers, Cheerwine, and victory.”

Earlier in the week, the Carolina Panthers were considered underdogs despite having already defeated the 49ers on November 10th (in San Francisco), clinching a first-round bye in the playoffs, and playing the game at their home stadium. As of today, ESPN has the spread as dead even between the two teams. Chicken versus Chocolate - it's anyone's game.

In other related irrelevant news - another famous Repulican, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, will not be in attendance at the game this Sunday after giving the San Francisco 49ers a pep talk before their game last week. According to Flair, he has always been "a good heel."

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