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It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Easter

Chocolate bunnies and mulity colored eggs are treats that everyone enjoys at Easter. The writer of this article particularly enjoys Cadbury Creme eggs. Children always enjoy putting all of their eggs into one basket. Malls enjoy the profits from pictures with the Easter Bunny. Sadly, in some locations he is called the E. Bunny which eradicates the meaning for his presence. Next to Christmas and Halloween, Easter has become the favorite holiday for many.

Instead of the sugar high from all of the candy, what do we truly take away from the celebration of Easter. Easter in the beginning was perhaps the most revered day on the Christian calendar. The commemoration of the risen Savior was and is the most poignant event in the history of mankind. The early Christians knew this and used this pivotal event to form the elements of the faith. In many Christian congregations throughout the world the sacrament of communion, eucharist, or Lord's Supper are partaken of in remembrance of the events leading up to it. The bread and the cup were both chosen by Christ for this purpose. It is a time of reflection, a time to put aside all earthly thoughts so that one can truly place all attention upon the acts of Christ. Easter itself has formatted the day on which the Church meets. Easter as it is now called occured on the first day of the week, Sunday, and that is the day that the Church meets.

Easter proves to us all the miraculous new life that Christ took on, and should be a reminder as well to all of us that there is a new life for us all in the spirit if we will seek it out. This world deems it as commercial, as it does anything where it can make money. But in some things you have to find another value. The spirit should be the benefactor of such days and not the wallet or purse.

Looking into our own selves and taking, if for one moment, evaluation is what Easter should be about. By being reminded that life does change and that Christ has risen should challenge us all to seek out and change the things about ourselves that we dislike both spiritually and physically. The Resurrection proves a triumph that we can only obtain through faith and so we should examine ourselves to decide what we truly believe. But we should be willing to take the time to make examination, something our busy world seems not to have. Slow down, evaluate, and change.

As we celebrate this upcoming Easter may we all stop and think while we gorge on the sweets that there is something more to what is being celebrated. May we enjoy the day, but may also use the day for some much needed time to spend with the inner self.


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