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It's another tax, stupid

Climate Change is all hot air
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Ladies and Gentlemen, it won't be long now before the Democrats start asking you to cough up more tax money for goods manufactured in the US. Does this sound far fetched? How about coughing up tax money for driving a car or taking a 2 hour flight? How about paying up because the democrats claim YOU produce contaminants not conducive to the globe's well being? And then there's cow grazing. Al Gore claims cows and other animals are contributing to global warming. If dinosaurs didn't kill the planet, then why would cow grazing?

Before falling prey to this carbon myth, remember how complex space and science really is. Nature has the crazy ability to warm the planet when it cools, and cool the planet when it warms. Al Gore has the crazy ability to sell bridges for big money when he loses an election. He claims glaciers are melting in one spot of the earth, but fails to mention glaciers are growing in other spots of the earth.

There are "cult like" sites out there that list how much "carbon" people emit for breathing, having a baby, dying, jogging on their tread mills, having sex. The believers also have websites condemning modern societies but gloss over 3rd world countries. Aren't 3rd world countries even more populated, have more pollution and burn more CO2 due to less regulation? Enviornmentalist claim yeast products produce way too much CO2 and hence beer and bread are dangerous to the planet. Do you see how fanatical that sounds? No beer and bread? These sites also claim burning fossil fuel emits an extreme amount of carbon dioxide every year. Isn't carbon dioxide what trees crave? What's all the commotion about? They want your tax money and they want it from the societies they deem "wealthy and comfortably spoiled". This is how communists will win their battle and take more of your much needed paycheck every week. You don't find wealth and comfort in communist societies; only in capitalist societies. Even the poor in America are considered wealthy.

Science has not even begun to tap into the vast mysteries of the planet and space, but Al Gore is now a wealthy "scientist" who travels in "carbon producing" private jets he proclaims are hazardous. I'm sure the carbon from Al Gore's jet planes will be exempt from carbon taxation however because Al Gore’s private jet carbon smells like roses and is good for the planet. Talk about hypocrisy.

Before Al Gore's time, science classes and the nature channel taught us that the earth is constantly changing as is the weather, naturally. Yet, for years now, Al Gore wanted us to believe any warming or cooling trend is the fault of mammals. Perhaps Al Gore should consider the reality that weather evolves and will continue to evolve long after Al Gore stops preaching.

Lately the term "polar vortex" is used like it's the last day on earth. Well folks, welcome to winter season in New York. These are the winters that New Yorkers were used to 40 years and 50 years ago. Welcome to natural weather evolution. On December 26th, 1947 New York City saw 26 inches of snow! Although recorded as historical, it was far from historical. The blizzard of 1888 (March 11th) dumped 2-5 feet of snow in New York State with drifts between 15 and 30 feet! Two hundred people died in New York City, alone. The snow storm of 1977 in New York State was declared a federal disaster by President Carter. Schools closed for one week, the 5 day work week went to a 4 day week for 2 weeks, and emergency aid was distributed. In Buffalo NY there were sustained winds close to 70 mph and the wind chill felt like 60 below zero! It made our recent “polar vortex” temperatures sound like heat wave temperatures yet the media spun it as if it was a disastrous cooling trend. During the Carter years, it snowed every Friday and no one blinked an eye. That’s what winters meant in New York.

Given the fact that there is no 100% conclusive report out there that human beings are destroying climate balance, then why doesn’t Al Gore pack up and leave for the North Pole and try to see if he can tax the polar bears there to help his cause?

Scientists are 100% sure dinosaurs didn’t drive cars, fly jet planes or produce beer and bread when the ice age hit them.

Taxing individuals more money for any reason in a recession is never a solution but it sure freezes the economy and the American spirit.

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