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It’s an audience problem, not your content marketing strategy

On Tuesday, Chad Pollitt of Business 2 Community posted a very interesting article about
dying content marketing campaigns. Many businesses believe that their content marketing strategies simply are not working.

Are you having an audience problem that's affecting your content marketing strategy?

People are sparking debates about the subject all over the Internet. Some insist the problem is quality, others say it’s a matter of quantity. But, according to the Pollitt:

The reason most marketers believe their content isn’t effective has little to do with quality and/or quantity. Great content goes unread everyday on the Internet. Most believe their ineffectiveness is a content problem. In actuality, however, it’s an audience problem.

In other words, you don’t necessarily have to increase your content marketing strategy budget to make it more effective. If you’re not getting the results you desire, your content’s quality or how frequently you publish may not be the problem. (This is information most content marketing companies don’t want you to know.)

Getting Lost in the Content Crowd

The amount of content created and published online each day is growing tremendously. And, the number of people online searching for solutions to their problems increases each day, too. Many of them end up reading content looking for these solutions.

But, the rate of content publishing is increasing at such a fast pace. This makes it almost impossible for search engines to keep up. That’s why it’s getting harder and harder for entrepreneurs and small businesses to be heard online. Most of their content simply gets lost in the downpour of new content being published each second of the day.

So, what’s the problem with your content marketing strategy campaigns?

As noted above, the problem is not your content marketing strategy. You’re having an audience problem.

Continuing to produce better and more content just adds to all of the noise online. Most consumers visit trusted sites when they’re seeking information about product and service solutions. Then, they simply digest only what they believe is relevant to their lives and current issues.

In most cases, these trusted sites already have developed, healthy audiences. Most entrepreneurs and small businesses who think their content is ineffective don’t have loyal audiences of their own. And, there lies the issue. You have an audience problem.

As soon as content marketers begin to realize this, they will take steps to figure out how to get content cited, covered and featured by these trusted sites, especially those with large audiences. Some of these may include:

  • Paid media channels
  • Earned media channels
  • Native advertising
  • Advertiser tutorials
  • Influencer outreach methods

Better Content Distribution is Key

Ready to get better results from your content marketing strategy campaigns? Then, it’s time to concentrate less on producing content, and concentrate more on improving distribution.

Better distribution will help you with the following:

  • Improve the quality of your overall online content
  • Accelerate the feedback cycle about your brand online
  • Create higher quality, relevant backlinks to your site

So, stop spending every penny of your content marketing budget on getting new content created and written. Instead, put aside a large chunk of that budget, and invest it in earned media channels and paid media channels.

Earned Media VS Paid Media

What’s the difference between paid media and earned media? Well according to Todd Wasserman:

If you pay to have something distributed, then it's paid media. But if someone else distributes it for you, then it's earned media.

Concentrating your efforts on earned media and paid media channels will help your brand break out from all the noise online. Then, your content will become more effective among your target audience, improving your content marketing strategy as a whole.

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