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It's always sunny in LA


For fans of ‘Its Always Sunny in
, a particular musical episode might still be humming in your head. Your in luck, Danny DeVito and ‘The Nightman Cometh,’ are coming to LA.

The show had a rock opera episode that it decided to take off the television, and put it on the stage. Consider it a mini tour of sorts.

If you’re worried the fourth season finale episode doesn’t translate to stage, don’t be. Danny DeVito as an evil troll? It couldn’t go bad. The rest of the Sunny cast joins DeVito as only this misfit group can. 

If you're unsure of the premise-let me assist you. One of the characters, Charlie, writes a musical to get the girl of his dreams to marry him. The fact that the girl of his dreams is a waitress, and that Charlie's musical is slightly creepy, if not very creepy. Lets just say this isn't a 'Moulin Rouge' type of musical.

The show premiered in LA back in the spring, and after hitting all the right notes, kept going. It returns to the city one more time, so if you weren’t so sure the first time around, now is your chance to see a faux television rock opera turn reality. 

It’s not very often pieces go from television episode to full on musical, so this must be something truly Sunny.


Check the show out at the Los Angeles Hollywood Palladium, at 8pm on September 25th. For Tickets go online or call (323) 962-7600, or beg a friend who already has them to take you!


  • Barbara Winer 5 years ago

    I LOVE this writer's stuff...funny, interesting, makes me want to see the shows. MORE, MORE, MORE

  • ted 5 years ago

    Sounds both creepy and fun.