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"It's always sunny"

Danny DeVito plays the bizarre and sometimes naked Frank Reynolds
Danny DeVito plays the bizarre and sometimes naked Frank Reynolds
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Over the past few years many people may have taken notice of a strange sight appearing at televised sporting events (mainly those involving Philadelphia teams) and even an episode of “American Ninja Warrior”. This strange vision is a man dressed in a bright green body suit otherwise known as, Green Man. This figure is a byproduct of one of the greatest comedic forces of recent history, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.
For those who haven’t yet experienced this comedic force of nature the show centers around four friends (Charlie, Mac, Dennis, and Dee) and Frank Reynolds (played by Danny DeVito who joined the show after the first season). Together they own, and spend most of their time in an Irish pub in Philadelphia.
Recently, the creators chose to grace their fans with a straight to DVD Christmas special. This special is the perfect concentrated does of the style of humor generally featured on the show. This one DVD can help to ease new viewers in as well as supply the same welcome antics to frequent viewers of the show such as; Charlie’s insane ramblings, Dennis and Dee’s constant socially toxic obsession with themselves, and Mac’s frequent leaping back and forth from crude yet subtle to abrasive and uncontrolled. Not to mention Frank’s sadistic sense of humor and bizarre plans that involve such elements as sewing himself inside a leather sofa.
Aside from being just a long and entertaining episode of the show, it is also a quality Christmas special. It carries many of the same classic elements of many Christmas classics as well as throwing in a few that enrich the experience. It has it all; reconciliations, greedy men having epiphanies, repressed childhood memories, claymation, grand theft auto, and the spreading of Christmas cheer.
Overall It's A Very Sunny Christmas is easily worth the price of at least a movie rental. It will leave you laughing and asking yourself “why did the elf have no pants on?”
PS it’s directed by Fred Savage, so it has to be good.


  • Toots 5 years ago

    I've added you so that I get emailed your articles! You go Mike Stanley/Jones.

    Also it's a concentrated "dose", not "does". Sorry for my English teacherness. I couldn't resist.

  • Flyer 5 years ago

    I asked for "Its A Very Sunny Christmas" for Christmas, but was disappointed and got a pony instead. Life's not always fair. Maybe you'd lend me your copy? Would you like a pony? Buttercup really is adorable.

  • Mike 5 years ago

    I don't know, ponies need to be taken care of but a DVD is all give and it takes nothing back. Plus, I feel like a DVD has the potential to outlive a pony

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