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It's always funday at Fifty 1

The pool table and lounge area
The pool table and lounge area


  • karen 6 years ago

    Sounds like a great place to visit, I was wondering where to celebrate cinco Di Mayp this sounds like the perfect place to go..

  • Linda C 6 years ago

    Just the place to go! full of atmosphere!!!

  • sarah 6 years ago

    this is actually one of my favorite bars to go to, great staff and wonderful atmosphere, it has everything and your right its always a funday

  • AdRian 6 years ago

    Olla una dos equis por favor

  • Mel 6 years ago

    My friends and I all the time, you're right, this place is AWESOME! The staff is super nice and makes you feel at home!

  • Jake 6 years ago

    Best place to play pool. There's only one table, but it's a great way to meet new pool players! Lots of competition, I love it! Oh, and the pool is FREE

  • petey 6 years ago

    sounds like a great place to have a get together with friends.

  • Sandy 6 years ago

    I like the bar atmosphere here. However, sometimes I had to wait longer for a drink than I would have liked. I love all the bars that this one is affiliated with. You can't go wrong with any of these places if you are down for drinks off of highway 51!!

  • Michael 6 years ago

    My favorite restaurant/bar in the city. I'm a fan on facebook at "Fifty-1 South Charlotte" and also follow on Twitter @Fifty_1. They always send out when something special is going on, like Scoot Pittman performing with a DJ for Cinco De Mayo

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