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It's Always Friday The 13th In A Voorhees' Universe

It's Always Friday The 13th In A Voorhees' Universe
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It was 1980 when Paramount Pictures graced us with the story of the boy. The boy Jason. Mama Voorhees was actually at the reins at the beginning of all the mayhem, but by now the legacy lies clearly with the boy. There has been much written about this sad saga of slightly disabled child carelessly forgotten by summer camp counselors ultimately leading to death by drowning. Poor Jason, life cut short by hormonally driven callous teens who should have known better. Mother will weave a vengeful trail in our boy's name, but it is the never dead Master V. who cuts the ultimate victims revenge after Mommy looses her head literally. Machete in hand the legacy continues.So let's address the mythology just a little.

After little Jason drowns he survives, roams aimlessly throughout the Crystal lake grounds waiting and watching his grief crazed Mom hack horny, stoned, morons to pieces. Now Mother isn't satisfied with the original blood but has to target anyone who dares to promiscuously darken her woods. Death comes to nearly all, but in the end the camp hands emerge victorious decapitating Mama and saving what's left of the day.

The camp grounds remain dormant as Jason, burlap sack over deformed mug and aforementioned decapitated head in hand, deepens in his lust and lunacy while all the time policing Crystal Lake for young adult fodder for his revenge. Ain't life grand.

Enter another bunch of hopeful entrepreneurs toking, drinking, and screwing their hearts out and before you can scream duck and cover, our boy J.V. is severing arteries. This continues through 10 sequels and one remake until the reanimated corpse of the reanimated corpse is literally holding on by one sinewy thread.

The monster-man Jason matches wits with a psychic beauty, a pack of mental delinquents, The Big Apple, a monster loving wiz kid, outer-space, 3d mayhem, and elm streets dream warrior himself Freddy Krueger. He has pierced, flayed, torn, impaled, stabbed, boiled, broiled, and even corkscrewed what seems like and endless number of simpletons who just can't remember to stay out of his forest. The man with the mask, hockey mask that is does not come out unscathed from these battles. Jason has been more than a little nicked in his lust for revenge. He, like his victims, has been blown apart and put back together again like some charmed, rejuvenating messiah. He takes a licking put keeps on hacking away.

So as the title says - It's always Friday the 13th in a Voorhees' universe. It's got a death curse. Crystal Lake local Crazy Ralph always knew it and shouted it loud. "We're all doomed"!