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It's all in your head: Tap into the power of your mind to find your happiness

A lot of people are good at setting goals, but when it comes to seeing them through – well, that’s another issue all together. If that’s your story, here are five things you can do to become the success you’ve always dreamed of by tapping into the power of your mind.

Figure out what you want and make a plan. To truly harness the power of your thoughts, you must have clear and defined goals. Figure out exactly what you want and make a plan that will get you there.

Talk about your success as though it has already happened. Believe it or not, but what you think sinks into your subconscious and becomes a part of permanent fabric. And, as a result affects your behaviors and actions. If you think you’ll never lose those 20 pounds or find some level of happiness, you’re right.

Put your dream on display. Visualizing your success is another successful tool that puts you one step closer to your success. Talk about your goals, especially with the people who will help you get there. Be enthusiastic and persuasive because you both play a role in making your dreams come true. And, be prepared to fight off any self doubt you or others may have.

Keep your goals front and center. Think about its advantages and benefits and how it will change your life. Pouring mental energy into the same thoughts or images day after day will motivate you and strengthen your resolve to succeed.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Being successful isn’t easy. Have patience; practice self discipline and tap into the power to persist. Remember, successful people aren’t successful my mistake.


  • lawrence amrhein 5 years ago

    Thank you for helping to create Clarity for all of us. Some times we just need a simple reminder to get us back on track and this fits the bill! Really appreciate your content and focus.

  • Rosie 5 years ago

    I agree with Lawrence, thank you for the clarity. Your message has been a needed reminder for me to get organize and to stay focused on my goals. Thank you, I'm looking forward to reading more of your thougts.