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It's All Over Oil

It's All Over Oil
It's All Over Oil
Vladimir Putin (Владимир Путин) facebook

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave such an eloquent speech on the annexation of the Crimea. How the Crimea was going home to Mother Russia. That the region that had so longed to be a part of that once great Soviet Union was going to be reunited again. The man was lying through his teeth.

A couple of years back it was announced that the Black Sea was a treasure trove of natural resources one of them was oil. Russia wanted to extend its area of the Black Sea coast and it thought it would negotiate a treaty with the Ukraine and have a larger share of the proverbial pie. The treaty fell through. Russia knowing that it had to do whatever it would take to acquire this area of sea annexed the Crimea after instigating unrest in the region.

The removal of then President Viktor Yanukovych of the Ukraine led to a crisis in the region and the Russians knew they had to do something. They moved their army into the Crimean peninsular under the guise of war games at first. Then Russian moved the armies onto the border because of the threat against Russian loving co-patriots in fear of their lives.

Yanukovych had at first leaned to the west to Allie itself but Putin stepped in last fall and talked him to coming back to Russia for trade agreements. This infuriated most of the western section of the Ukraine and Yanukovych fled to Russia soil for protection. You see those agreements that were first being negotiated with the west had some understandings that the Ukrainian section of the Black Sea would be explored for oil reserves and thus freeing it from depending on Russia for oil. Putin wouldn't hear of this.

It has been predicted that the area of the Black Sea now under Russian control is worth trillions. Russia has been in dire need of funds since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The increased revenue that could be forthcoming would put Russia back in the driver seat when it comes to oil and Putin has known this.

The Ukraine lost much with the annexation of the Crimea. The area of the Black Sea that they would have controlled would have turned the whole region upside down. Russia would not have been in control as they want to be. Putin is not stupid. He saw his opening and he took it. The question is now what is he going to do with it and just how many customers will they be able to control?