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It's all about the hair this winter...

hairdresser's equipment
hairdresser's equipment

Are you looking for a way to change your hair without the fear of the result? There are a number of styles that are being whispered about this winter that will satisfy your itch for a change without the impending "new-hairstyle-remorse."

Modern pixie please!
Our hat is off this season to all those brave enough to try this growing trend. The always trendy and chic Rihanna, Christina Ricci, and Ginnifer Goodwin are the latest stars to take a brave style choice by cropping her locks. The key here is to keep the edges as short a possible with a bit more length on top, for example, heavy bangs can add a girlie touch to this trendy hairstyle.

The short bob...
Short styles are a great way to rid yourself of unneeded weight and start fresh with your hair. Believe it, nothing is better that the lightness and bounce one feels after making the leap to a short trendy style. This winter it looks like the classic bob is the way to go. Everyone from Katie Holms to Kirsten Dunst are trying out this blast-from-the-past hairstyle.

Go Long!
It seems that every year there is at least one long hairstyle that becomes popular. This winter, more than usual, a number of us have taken note of this trend and are growing out our locks. Growing out your hair is time consuming so if you want instant gratification and do not already have a long hairstyle you can always add in a few extensions at a local salon. If you already have the length and would like a new style try styling your locks a bit differently. Many Hollywood trend setters, such as Diane Kruger have been spotted with long locks parted on the side with soft waves...In other words keep it simple with a few softening layers.

No matter what you decide is the best look for you this winter keep in mind your personal style and try to pick a look that works with who you are. Happy snipping!


  • Susan Garcia 5 years ago

    Love Ms. Gioeli's "get to the point" style. I usually have to wade through lengthy articles to get to the advice, suggestions, or info I want. No time for that, and so far, Ms. Gioeli dives right in. Hooray!