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It's All About The Dog's


Store front, corner of Thurman and Jaeger


Pet wash in German Village
Located at 207 Thurman Avenue on the corner of Thurman and Jaeger in German Village, All About The Dog’s is a self-service pet wash and a full service professional grooming salon. Co-owned by Darryl and Chad since August 2009, All About The Dog’s is an open-air shop, no walls separating the customers from their pets, you can watch the action and the pets seem to be very happy.

Professional grooming
All About The Dog’s offers a wide array of services for both dogs and cats. The staff is professional, courteous, and knowledgeable... most important, they love animals. According to Chad, this is a passion, something of personal interest that makes a difference. Coming from the business word, this is something Chad truly loves.

To see them in action is worth the visit. Christian, who specializes in rare, high maintenance, large breed dogs, is meticulous when it comes to grooming and trimming, he takes considerable time to ensure the pet is comfortable and stylish. The shop is inviting, staff and pets interact and move around freely from station to station.

There is a self-service station to the right as you enter the shop, stocked with shampoos and conditioners. Your pet can walk up the ramp straight into the tub, positioned at a comfortable height to reduce bending. Pricing for self-service is based on the size of your pet.

Future Plans
All About The Dog’s is planning to expand in 2010 with additional locations North of Campus in the Clintonville area.

Additional services
All About The Dog's offers a number of services:


Dog walking in the German Village area


Nail painting


At home boarding





With a great location and reasonable pricing, if you want to do it yourself or drop your pet off, All About The Dog's has something for everyone.

Additional information can be obtained by visiting their website:


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