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It’s All About Me on “Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off”

Both Bachelor Jake and Vanilla Ice’s dishes were not a hit with the judges while Herschel Walker’s sauce won him an MVP award!
Both Bachelor Jake and Vanilla Ice’s dishes were not a hit with the judges while Herschel Walker’s sauce won him an MVP award!
Photo property of the Food Network

The competition is heating up on the Food Network celebrity cooking competition.

Last week, Chris Kattan’s scatterbrained antics got him voted off the show, which left Team Guy with three members: Vanilla Ice, Tiffany and Herschel Walker!

Did Team Rachael (Florence Henderson, Jake Pavelka, Penn Jillette and Judy Gold) continue their winning streak? Or did one of the perky talk show hostess’ teammates were eliminated? Read on to find out…

This week’s challenge was for the celebrities to create a product that represented their personalities. They had to create, cook and package their product in two-and-a-half hours to create 30 packaged products and prepare samples for 50 people. In addition to presenting their products to customers, they had to impress guest judge and three-time Chopped champion Madison Cowan.

The celebrities had a rough time creating their product. Team Guy’s Herschel Walker moved slowly while creating his all-in-one sauce and Vanilla Ice’s brittle fell apart. Over on Team Rachael, Bachelor Jake had disagreements with his coach regarding his peach salsa and Judy Gold’s dish made her go back and forth all over the grocery store.

Before the buzzer, Guy advised the celebrities to sell their product. Each celebrity stepped up their game during their presentations. Jake tried to show off his dancing skills while Penn juggled the chocolate sauce. Meanwhile, Tiffany gave out meet and greets for customers who supported her product and Mrs. Brady gave out warm hugs.

During his conversation with Rachael and Guy, guest judge Madison Cowan gave out strong comments to Hershel’s all-in-one sauce, Tiffany’s radical red sauce and stated that Mama Flo’s Hot Mariana Sauce had the “right amount of salt, garlic and spice.” However, he wished that Vanilla Ice’s brittle had more texture and added that there was nothing special with Jake’s salsa.

For the first time during the three seasons of Celebrity Cook-Off, there would be two MVPs and on both the winning and losing teams. Chef Cowan stated while both Florence and Judy put a lot of passion into their items, it was Penn’s chocolate sauce that won the audience vote and $2,500 for his charity. Meanwhile, Herschel Walker added Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off MVP to his trophy collection as his all-in-one sauce helped secure another victory for Team Guy!

Unfortunately, Team Rachael was handed another loss and Bachelor Jake was eliminated from the competition!

Next week, the six remaining celebrities must prep a massive game day feast for “Chopped” judge and Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli!

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