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It's All About Joe

Barbara Walsh (Sonia) and Zachary Andrews (Spike) in the play Vanya & Sonia & Marsha & Spike.
Tyrone Eaton

She has never been married, was adopted, and in her 50's had nothing to look forward to. Meanwhile her sister, for whom everything was done, went to the best schools in town, and became a movie star. There was a brother, with hopes of becoming a famous playwright, with otherwise no income.

While the starlet was away shooting movies, the siblings stayed at home, doing what? Taking care of the parents, who were aging rapidly. Death waltz into the residence, leaving the two to wonder about their future; then word came that the actress was coming home. She was the breadwinner, paid all the bills, including the maid's salary. Word through the maid's voodoo contacts said the actress was coming home to sell the house. What then would become of her sister and brother?

She arrived, and announced all should accompany her to a costume ball in a few days. On her arm would be her new lover SPIKE; he was 20 years younger, and loved to expose his body. She watched his every move; her five marriages failed, would Spike make her 6th?

The night of the ball came, but the movie star was out shined by her sister, in fact sister found a man, JOE, who brought out her radiance, and brother exited the closet to announce, he was gay. What happened to them all and the house, you have to see the play, VANYA and SONYA and SPIKE, now playing at CenterStage. This play comes down to the impact of JOE in any society. Joe the gay man, Joe the jock, Joe the lover. Do you have a JOE in your life?

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