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It's about time we call evil, evil

Call evil, evil!
Call evil, evil!The Light of Christ on Facebook

Not to be too corny, but the opposite of the word live is evil.

Evil, classically defined as a lack of good, is really the lack of the Life of Christ. And the lack of the Life of Christ pervades much of American popular culture, and much of the public and private life of Americans today.

I'm not sure of the numbers, but I wouldn't be surprised if American abortion mills killed more babies, on average, than car salespeople sell cars in America every day. Contraception, moreover, is probably used more than Advil. Euthanasia is probably more common than an honest person in the White House.

Illegal immigration is the whoring of the gullibility and the desire of young children to come to America, without the admittance that the Democratic party is only looking to enslave them on entitlements while turning a blind eye away from an absolutely corrupt, despicable Mexican government.

Legalized marijuana is our government stepping in the breach of drug cartels, and gangs, pushed out by laws and police officers. In other words, Barack Obama is the new street corner drug dealer. While everyone parties, our nation becomes more and more dumbed down. Democrats love dummies, since dummies need entitlements to survive.

Planned Parenthood isn't satisfied with killing millions of unborn babies, but desires to educate and supply (contraception and abortifacients) women with the ideology and chemicals to live a truly decedent and self-disrespectful life. While claiming a 'war on women,' the supporters of Planned Parenthood trash the real dignity of American women as mothers, daughters, wives and sisters.

America is now an international joke. As Euro-trash lite, America is no longer a bastion of integrity, but a consumerist, secularist, socialist sellout. With a weakling President, and a do nothing Congress, America no longer packs a punch, and is nothing more than an overweight, out of shape, bully. Disrespecting our allies, while kissing our enemies asses, we are an appeasement away from a military disaster.

But what's worse is that we have lost our soul.

No American Catholic Bishop or Protestant Evangelical Pastor has stepped up to the plate out of fear of losing valuable invitations to gala dinner events and paid speaking gigs. Subsequently, America is truly suffering from a prophetic drought. For prophecy, (not prediction but truth telling) is bad business in the land of political correctness.

What we need is a Shepherd willing to call evil, evil. Until then the sheep will continue to be led to slaughter.