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It’s about time to move US troops from Germany to Eastern Europe

Russians in the Ukraine
Russians in the Ukraine
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

American troops have been stationed in Germany since the close of WWII. It made sense to do that since the USSR was butted up against a wall in Germany. When the USSR dismantled and the wall came tumbling down, that was an opportunity to redeploy the assets to where they might be more strategically located. Doing that too quickly would have spooked the Russians. Besides, having bases in Germany was good for the German economy. Extracting them would be a costly blow to our allie, Germany. But, now with Russia acting up, it is an opportune moment to redeploy, along with NATO allies including Germany. Maybe Poland would be a better location, and even the Ukraine.

The Hill reports that:

“NATO commander raises option of US troops in Eastern Europe."

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Whatever it takes to stop the Russians in their tracks is what NATO and the US seems willing to do. Of course Congressional hawks are all in favor of providing advisors and technical support at once. In the meantime, the American military isn’t sharing intelligence with the Ukrainians about the immanent Russian invasion. That just might be too worrisome for them to handle.