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It's about protecting your important butt, but not about you.

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You are a very important person. Everyone that knows you is interested in most everything you say. But if you called the White House, the Pentagon, or the NSA and asked to speak to the person in charge, would they say, "Sure [Your Name], I'll put you right through"? Not likely.

In fact, if you talk to ANYONE other than a receptionist or automated system, then you MAY be as important to the NSA as you think you are, but truth is they don't know you from an unmarked can of paint. Having said that, your meaningless, idle chatter and gossip that they may or may not have collected on you is of no value to anyone but you, unless you are a terrorist or would-be terrorist.

So yes, you are an important person. In the overall scheme of things, however, you are no more than another number in this population of over 300 million.

It is the opinion of several security experts that, when more people realize that it's not about you, as an individual, but all about the security of this great nation we call home, then fewer restrictions will have to be considered and better security measures can be implemented.

Then you can safely shop at Target again without losing your financial or Constitutional freedoms and, more importantly, your life. Hackers and terrorists are counting on you to continue making it easier for them so it's vital to let those whose job it is to protect every important butt, including yours, do their jobs effectively.

For the most part, those who are the most outspoken about the government's "spying", will be the first to point a finger at the government if anything tragic happens, not realizing that they are partly to blame.