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It's a shame! Detroit's Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe closing after 16 months

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I was in Detroit so recently, I didn't even have time yet to write up my discovery of Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe and yet, they are closing after merely 16 months in business! It's really a shame. The store put an end to downtown Detroit being called a "food desert"; it was a boutique/fine grocery market. It also was very cool! They carried special, artisan Detroit brands such as Better Made potato chips, Uncle Calvin's Sweet Potato Pies, exquisite Beau Bien condiments, Detroit and Brooklyn's McClure's pickles and Bloody Mary mix, as well as craft beers and wines. And now, they've been pushed out of business by "Whole Paycheck" Whole Foods -- which carries local produce, but not really local products -- and big behemoth Meijer's.

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I shop at Whole Foods, but not as much as I patronize local Eddie's or Graul's. It's not some hipster, slavish devotion to localvore that makes me do it, it's that I enjoy unique, artisan and local flavors. I also enjoy being able to buy local food gifts to send to friends.

Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe has had several locations in the past, so maybe they'll consider moving to another one of Detroit's neighborhoods. In the meantime, they're selling off their inventory at a discount.

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