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It's a New Season - Get Some Color

Idris Elba gets it, color is key. That is why he was voted one of GQ UK's Best Dressed Men.

Technically it’s already Spring, and one day it will get warm again (we can only hope). When that does happen the big puffy coats can be put away and lighter clothing can be pulled out of those deep recesses of closets across the city.

If you haven’t already, use this change of season as a good excuse to introduce some color into your wardrobe. For whatever reason, there are a number of men that are seriously averse to color in their clothing. The adage of “real men don’t wear pink,” no idea where that came from. In fact, almost all women will tell you that they find a man in pink confident, attractive and interesting. These are all great adjectives to be referred to with by the ladies.

Depending on your skin tone, certain colors will look better on some people, but all colors provide a dramatic departure from the dark earth tones of fall and winter. Save the blacks, browns, navy blues and greys for the cold months and work some pastels and bright colors in here and there.

What this column is not advocating is too much color, remember to reign it in a bit, and ground your color choices with at least one neutral colored item. But feel free to work colored pants in with a solid colored polo shirt. Or pair a bright colored shirt with chinos, khakis or shorts. Getting new sneakers, check out a color that you normally wouldn’t consider. Need a rain coat or windbreaker for those outdoor activities, think bright and bold. New tie, scarf or pocket square, yep, another great way to work some color into your closet.

Color is going to do a number of things for you, it can bring out your eye or hair color, if you have tan skin (you will have tan skin right?) colors will make your tan pop. And most importantly, color is going to make you stand out among all of the drab and predictable clothing that the gents around you are sure to be wearing. Our clothes aren’t uniforms, at least they shouldn’t be, so why do yourself the disservice of looking like everyone else.

Need yet another reason, here’s one, the Italians have been at the color game for years and by and large, Italian men look good the world over.

So make a concerted effort and switch it up a bit this Spring, and be sure to wear your colors confidently, because the only time an outfit doesn’t work is when you are noticeably uncomfortable while wearing it, people can spot that from a mile away.

Check out J. Crew for some color this Spring:

J. Crew
99 Prince St
New York, NY

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