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It’s a mind game

Bill Gluth, marketing expert, talks about painting positive mental pictures.
Bill Gluth, marketing expert, talks about painting positive mental pictures.
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Marketing expert Bill Gluth (, often cited in this column, takes marketing to its simplest and easiest to understand forms. He has gathered a wealth of knowledge about what works (and what doesn’t) over time. One latest blog talks about the mental pictures we can develop to help our businesses succeed.

Take this thought for instance, “I can’t do sales. I hate talking to people like that.” Gluth says this defeats a person before they get started. Instead, he says, say “I am here to help others. Let me see where their challenges are and suggest ways to overcome them.” Think that might work? Gluth does.

Ever say to yourself, “When I do promotions I feel like a used car salesman.” Gluth says if you use this mental picture you are making yourself feel bad and uncomfortable before even getting into the action. Instead, Gluth says, say “I will offer to show others some good things I found and like and share that with them.”

“Who the heck has time for marketing,” is a thought even Gluth says he has had before. Why not say, “I’m going to spend 30 minutes today attracting someone to my offering.” Gluth said he did that while composing his blog post and with Skype interruptions the whole thing was done in less than 30 minutes on two different blogs.

Success in any endeavor uses self-talk to paint mental pictures. Then either the mental pictures drive us to action or to in-action. Better that we think positive thoughts and appropriate action!

“You have the power and creative ability to choose those images you create throughout every day,” writes Gluth.

Experience has taught anyone with a successful career that dreams can be realized if we have the appropriate mental attitude. Experience also teaches us that keeping that positive attitude in the face of adversity also insures continued success.

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