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It's a 'killer' chiller

This concrete chiller is durable
This concrete chiller is durableJulia Hollister

It’s hefty, ice-less and concrete but it does the job of chilling your wine to the desired temperature.

Angle 33 ($64.99) Wine Thermal is designed with functionality, longevity and style in the forefront.

Start by storing your wine at its ideal temperature. For white wine, champagne and sparkling wines: Place chilled bottle into Thermal (stored at room temperature) to serve at ideal temperature for up to 45 minutes. For up to 90 minutes before serving, pre-chill Thermal in refrigerator for 25-30 minutes prior to placing your chilled bottle into the Thermal.

In a pinch, to help bring your wine down to temperature, place Thermal in the freezer prior to placing the bottle into Thermal.

For red wine, protect your bottle from sun and maintain cellar temperature inside and out.To serve at ideal temperature for up to 90 minutes, store Thermal at cellar temperature then place bottle into Thermal. For up to 90 minutes in the sun, place Thermal in fridge for 25-30 minutes prior to placing bottle into Thermal.

Here are a few other tips for using your Thermal: Don’t store it in a freezer for an extended time, if pre-chilling the chiller in the freezer, place on side to protect the cork bottom.