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'It’s A Hard Knock Life, An Urban Musical'

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PARK FOREST — Changing lives through theatre is the mission of the SPAA THEATRE (Speakers Publishers & Authors Association) Performing Arts Center located in Park Forest, IL. During a recent cable TV show interview on the Voices of Mass Discussion, the Rev. Dr. Michael Wilkins explained that, even though the center will not have enough resources to be all things to all people, he plans to give it a heck of a try. He would like the residents of Park Forest and the surrounding communities to know that something wonderful is happening right in their own backyard.

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Real talent comes in all shapes, forms, sizes, and colors. SPAA is on a mission of changing lives through theatre by invoking imagination and provoking your senses while stimulating your emotions. What better way to inspire, educate and challenge one’s emotions and intellect than through positive plays and programs? SPAA THEATRE is focused on bringing quality stage plays and much-needed programs to this culturally rich south suburban hidden gem of a community by the means of a theatre.

The grand opening and first production is now underway. The June grand opening of the SPAA THEATRE is Friday, June 13, 2014, at 6:30 p.m. at The SPAA THEATRE Performing Arts Center located at 371 Artists Walk, Park Forest, IL. The first production, “It’s A Hard Knock Life, The Urban Musical” is already scheduled for June 14-22. With the opening being on Father’s Day weekend, what could be better than barbequing with Dad during the early part of the day, and concluding the holiday with a nice comedic musical?

“It’s A Hard Knock Life, An Urban Musical” is a hilarious urban musical based upon the musical, “Annie,” for the most fun you can have legally; it is something that the whole family can enjoy. Visit to purchase tickets; or, for more details, call the box office at (708) 785-7371.

SPAA THEATRE’s mission and vision statement says, “SPAA THEATRE nurtures the art of theatre with a vision to create theatre that allows audiences of all walks of life to see them self reflected in our productions. Our vision is to invoke the imagination, provoke the senses and stimulate the emotions of our audiences and actors. We are proudly African American, and deeply conscious of our history, and current social context. We are conscious of and accept our social responsibility to train quality artists and to use our art to improve lives. We value and protect our artistic independence and right to free expression. We treat all people with respect and with honesty and integrity in all we do.

June 14-22, 2014: “It’s A Hard Knock Life, An Urban Musical,” 371 Artists Walk, Park Forest, IL


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