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It's a good weekend with 66 saved dogs

Susan Banach helped to save 66 dogs / pups and eight cats / kittens this weekend.  She signed up to help Margie Swift and the Starfish Animal Rescue group in one of their weekend rescues.  The Starfish organization picks up dogs and cats from the Harlan, KY animal shelter and brings them to live in foster homes and no-kill shelters in Illinois until forever homes can be found.  Their goal is to end animal euthanasia and they are certainly doing their best to fight it.

This weekend Susan survived a trip to Kentucky and back without much sleep or food as she followed the lead of Margie and her tireless crew.  Dogs and a few cats had their lives saved by these dedicated people who drove from shelter to shelter picking up abused, abandoned, or ailing animals.  These animals were tenderly handled, perhaps for the first time in their lives, as volunteers gave them a start to a new life.

One ten-day pup was fortunate enough to get a place on the freedom truck.  His eyes had not yet opened. He was unaware of his situation or the opportunity before him.  Found alone under a porch, he was in immediate need of food and shelter.  He received both and a ride to the house of "a woman who specialized in eye-dropper puppies."  At ten days old, that little guy was just too young to be away from his mother. The mother's story is unknown. 

This was Susan's first experience with such a rescue operation.  "This  is really emotional.  A young pup died in my arms as I held him.  I reminded myself that he would have died alone if we hadn't gotten to him," she sighed.  "There were just so many animals to save."

After all, the organization's name comes from the story of the young man on the beach who tosses starfish back in the water to save them from certain death on the dry sand.  When told that there was just too many starfish on the beach for him to make a difference.  He responded by returning one more starfish into the sea and saying, "It mattered to that one."

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  • ellen richter 4 years ago

    This is such a great are all angels...

  • Noreen Natale 4 years ago

    Ellen, thank you. It's so good to do good.

  • Terri B. 4 years ago

    Great work for a great cause!

  • Cathy Kallas 4 years ago

    The people at Starfish Animal Rescue, as well as the many pet rescue agencies, are dedicated to saving the lives of countless animals and enriching the lives of the people who adopt them. I personally know that Margie frets over every one of her "pets" until they find permanent homes. Take time out of your week and find a local shelter to donate your time. You won't regret it.

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