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It's a busy day for liberty activists

Senatorial candidate Ken Buck will be at R Block Party's Action Expo this evening
Senatorial candidate Ken Buck will be at R Block Party's Action Expo this evening
L. Karres

Liberty groups in the Denver metropolitan area have a full calendar today. Here are some of the events scheduled for this afternoon and this evening.

Those who want to stand up for TABOR will be meeting at 1:30 in the Old Supreme Court Chambers at the State Capitol for the hearing on HCR 1002, a resolution aimed at overturning the voter-approved Taxpayer Bill of Rights. An hour later, many activists will move over to sit in on the State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee on the third floor of the Capitol Building at 2:30 to support the introduction of Senate Resolution 10-008, aimed at stopping the practice of waiving all Senate rules during the last three days of the session each year. This tradition has occurred under the leadership of both parties for many years and does not allow for public testimony during this period which creates political game playing.

Following a day of lobbying at the Capitol, activists have three choices on how to spend the evening. They first can head to Old Chicago’s on Union Boulevard in Lakewood between 5:00 and 7:00 to have a drink and meet with Rob Witwer, author of The Blueprint. The book signing is part of the Red Rocks chapter meeting of Liberty on the Rocks.

Afterwards liberty activists can head up north where R Block Party North is holding an Action Expo and Campaign Volunteer Job Fair. The goal of the event is to connect volunteers and activists with state and local campaigns and causes. This is a great way to meet the candidates for the November elections as more than twenty candidates running from governor and senator to local house offices will be present. The expo will be held at The Event Center at Church Ranch, 10200 Wadsworth, from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. For more information, contact

Finally, fans of the Taxpayer Bill of Rights may attend the “Taxpayer Protection in Colorado, 1985-2010” seminar presented by TABOR author, Douglas Bruce, at Colorado Christian University in Lakewood at 7 pm. To RSVP, please contact

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