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World's first burrito vending machine makes its debut in Los Angeles

The world's first burrito kiosk launches in California.
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A game-changer for vending machines has cropped up in West Hollywood, California. The Box Brands company has installed the first location of its Burritobox, an automated burrito kiosk, in a 24-hour gas station.

The Box Brands claims that the machine is the world’s first burrito kiosk. The tangerine-colored machine is similar to Redbox, but instead of movies, the burrito kiosk dispenses “hot and ready” burritos in sixty seconds. The kiosk started to garner more attention after a reddit user posted a thread about his recent experience.

Burrito lovers can choose from five Evol-branded, all-natural burritos priced at $3 each: shredded beef, free-range chicken, chorizo sausage, roasted potato with egg and cheese, and uncured bacon with egg and cheese. You can’t customize each burrito like you can at any Chipotle, but you can opt to add several sides to your burrito order including: guacamole, sour cream and Tabasco hot sauce.

Once you place your order with the kiosk, the burrito is heated and popular music videos and video ads pop up on the screen while you wait for it to be dispensed.

No word yet on East Coast locations of the Burritobox, but if it proves to be successful beyond its first two kiosks in California, perhaps we’ll see some of these burrito kiosks in the Triangle not too far along in the future.

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