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It's A Bird, It's a Plane...It's The Denver ComicFest Comic Convention!

Denver ComicFest 2010
Denver ComicFest 2010
Denver ComicFest 2010

There are villans and heroes coming to town!....well, not literally but if you have a comic book, there MUST be a villan!!!

As the dust settles and the heroes recuperate, a new power shall rise from the ashes—its name is The Denver ComicFest Convention!!!

Starting, April 16th at 6pm. and ending Sunday, April 18th at 6p.m., the Denver ComicFest Comic Convention will unveil it's true identity at the Hilton Garden Inn at the Denver Tech Center.

At the Denver ComicFest 2010 special guests will be:
Artist Whilce Portacio (Image co-founder, X-Men, Image United, Superman/Batman.)
Artist/Writer Dan Brereton (Nocturnals, Punisher, Thor: God-Size, Secret Invasion Aftermath)
Writer Matt Sturges (Jack of Fables, House of Mystery, Shadowpact)
Artist Amy Reeder Hadley (Madame Xanadu, Fool’s Gold)
Artist Fiona Staples (North 40, Done to Death, Secret History of the Authority, Astonishing Tales.)
Artist Tim Lane (Happy Hour in America, Abandoned Cars, Hotwire anthology)

Along with special guests, the Denver ComicFest offers demonstrations from guests such as Fiona Staples on the art of comic book storytelling, and an intro to self production by Dr. C. Daniel Miller.

There will be a full weekend of everything you can absorb about comics!! Put your cape on and be there!

For directions click HERE

Go check out the website for all of the information you need at

The Denver ComicFest is in conjunction with StarFest & HorrorFest

So go get scared, meet some stars & become a SUPER HERO!!! (or a villan, whatever your case may be)

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