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It's 2014: Reach your customers more effectively


The way advertisers reach their customers has changed so much over the past decade! The old way of doing advertising is obsolete. If you are running a business, organization or an event and you are still using antiquated advertising methods to reach your customers/clients; I am here to give you some pointers on "Keepin' Up With The....."

Today, the internet gives an Advertiser the opportunity to directly reach their customers/clients without wasting a bulk of their advertising budget on eyes and ears that aren't a match for their product/service in the first place... With the internet, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimizing), Geo-targeting and Behavioral targeting affords an Advertiser the comfort of reaching only those people who are interested and actively engaged with their product/service.

During earlier days of internet advertising; if you had a banner ad, you were above the internet marketing game! Today, just having a banner ad sitting static on a webpage is useless if it doesn't drive traffic to your point of interest (information, eCommerce, etc.) . We're not telling you not to advertise with banner ads; we're just saying, if you use banner ads online, put them to work for you with emerging technologies which allow you to Geo-target your prospects, behaviorally target your prospects and to also monitor and track your audience's interactions and spending/buying habits with analytic reports.

Today, content is king!!! The proper content will drive traffic to where you want to bring your prospects and/or customers in the new world of online advertising. KEYWORDS, KEYWORDS, AND KEYWORDS.... When properly done, a great media mix will efficiently reach your audience at different times of the day. Plus, the best part of internet advertising is that it is, MEASURABLE!!!

Google is the KING OF SEARCH.... They created, patented and mastered what we know as the algorithm , page rank system. So, when getting your feet wet with online advertising; we suggest starting off with Google Adsense/Adwords. Come on! Don't be afraid to step up your "online footprint!!" We're sure; after sacrificing a few lattes and high calorie lunches, even a small business owner can afford to incorporate these new technologies into their advertising mix. New methods of advertising such as, Geo-targeting, Behavioral targeting, SEO/SEM, have catapulted us all into a whole new, measurable level of reaching prospects. Embrace it....

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