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It pays to meet thy neighbor on the airplane

Radmilla Cody on her way to 55th Annual Grammys
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

A year ago, I had the unfortunate but common experience of a delayed and rerouted plane. Flying in to Oakland, California to catch up with friends and family, without mentioning airlines, we wound up in LA.

At some point, I looked down the aisle to an empty seat and saw turquoise boots, slouchy kind.Two rows of empty seats.

"Excuse me, may I switch seats?" I asked the male steward. Expecting riffraff or skater boys asleep in the back of the plane, on their way to the X Games, I noticed only big headphones before I fell asleep literally in the back row, hands on my belongings.

Once de boarded and rerouted to Los Angeles, I watched those same turquoise boots, the slouchy kind, struggle down the runway, and onto the marble floor. Stranded was the news due to engine trouble.

Looking around, I knew no one, had no way of getting in touch with friends picking me up to say running late, wrong city, and realized my neighbor sitting next to me had such style. Her long hair in braids like Lisa Bonet but with a wrap of coral running the length of it, to her waist. Who was she?

Hey, I'll watch your stuff, is how we met. Turns out, she is Radmilla Cody, a Native American Grammy nominated artist, beside me, stranded in LA... Read like a novel by Hunter S. Thompson, or a fashionista named moi.

I admired most about this artist her beauty! It radiated self assurance and poise. Don't forget, sometimes it pays to meet thy neighbor, before we pull our cars into our yards at 5 and turn the world off.

They may inspire you!

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