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It must be the ‘stache – Entertainment Spotlight – Jesse Stone

Have you ever noticed that some people just seem to have a natural proficiency toward certain things? For instance, a person in a lab coat is likely a skilled scientist or doctor. A big guy, dressed in white covered in flour with a rolling pin – probably a decent baker. Someone in scrubs – chances are they’re a nurse. Guy wearing an eye patch (with or without the leg leg)? Probably a pirate. But how about a guy with an infallible moustache that he’s been sporting since, at least, 1969? I’m willing to bet he’s a policeman, and a good one at that.

Pictures from the CBS screening.
Pictures from the CBS screening.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Tom Selleck is Jesse Stone

If you didn’t catch the not-so-obvious reference, I was suggesting a certain failed television series that was actually just a feeble ‘Bonanza’ clone called ‘Lancer.’ But more importantly, its leading man, one Tom Selleck.

He has a very long list of credits of playing protagonists like Jesse Stone, who is based off a character from author Robert B. Parker’s novel ‘Night Passage.’ Stone is a maverick police officer, recently exiled from LA, who has recently relocated to the small do nothing Massachusetts town of Paradise, where he is to become the new chief of police. Of course, the big city detective is at first bored and unimpressed, but, as fiction will do, his arrival spurns a sudden uptake in and the attempted dissolution of, crime.

There really isn’t a whole lot of action or intense drama, but the plot and characters are so well written that you’ll be impressed by a TV movie. But don’t fret if you’re looking at your TV guide and there isn’t a rerun scheduled on CBS, four (of the eight) installments are currently available on Netflix Instant. So you can easily fill your weekend (or at least an evening) with a character that aptly models the actor playing him (old man who just won’t quit because he’s still so good at what he does).