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It isn’t religion we need as a nation or as a united world

Religion and spirituality, what do those two terms mean to you? It may just surprise you on how many people truly cannot define the differences. Truth be said, these differences can have a huge deciding factor on whether or not we will follow man, or if we will follow spirit.

Religion is a set of rules, doctrines or standards set by man. Many religions claim to be divinely inspired by the written works of those leading each religion. The claim is that ‘God” himself directly worked through them. The issue with that scenario is the visible divided and torn truths that make up so many faiths in our country today. The evidence of such theological confusion may point to this idea. Perhaps mankind has lost its true divine connection to the Divine, and that over the years, has also fabricated with good intention a set of rules in order to create a logical, and seemly, godly religious body. This of course would cause great strive and division, in such a land of democracy as ours, for the opinions of mankind have always been divided, here and worldwide. It is religion that has caused more innocent death and destruction then anything in thousands of years.

Spirituality however is being led by the spirit personally. It means knowing and believing in a higher power. It means trusting that if an individual seeks after truth, then by the nature of a loving God, they will in time, find that truth. Spirituality may include to a degree some of what is seen in religion, such as reading the written works of others in the faith, listening to elders that have obtained wisdom and a using such format to base a foundation on which we will discern and choose our path. But we will never blindly follow unless it has been confirmed in our spirit, that it is sound, and the path for us. This is what marks the real difference in religion and spirituality.

Fear is the number one reason for spiritual failure. Many people will go through their whole life and never experience real spirituality. For many, all they will ever see or feel is what is seen and felt by men or women leading with good intention, but that lack any real spiritual power or insight. It is the fear of stepping outside the normal box of corporate religion that quenches all that the spirit has to offer. It is a fear of the unknown and of one walking in a lack of spiritual trust. Even the Holy Bible says to seek and you will find the truth. Real truth isn’t found in physically memberships or following a set of rules, it is only found when we are touched within, and in a place where Jesus called “The Kingdom of God”. The Bible says God is a spirit, thus this is the kingdom of spirit. Spirituality begins within you, not in any building. It begins as a desire and a calling towards a greater awareness, and a longing to find it.

We have many religions within this country and our world. Most of them torn, and divided among themselves, while the others war against those they were called to be at peace with. It isn’t religion we need as a nation or as a united world; it is a true spiritual and divine connection that we need. We need to be able to understand the differences in each other and not have those differences make us feel threatened or otherwise intimidated, but rather in a spirit of love be at peace with one another. We may not agree all the time, but who said we have too? Peace is a decision, and a decision to not spiritual judge, or to enforce one’s particular belief on another, is a decision of peace. We rather choose to allow the spirit to guild and teach each individual in their own timing and at their own pace, leaving such final judgments to the spirit.

I would urge any individual to look within themselves, listen to that gentle voice you once knew, and begin to let it lead you in divine trust.

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