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It is World Cup time - B-class Air tickets to Brazil is upto 70% off now!

The four year long wait is almost up ladies and gentlemen. Yes! It is time for the 2014 FIFA World Cup! So get out your team jerseys, caps, hats, big ol’ foam fingers, put up your nation’s flag and most importantly excuse yourself from your places of work or study for the days your favorite team plays.

In fact why stop there? Get your well deserved summer break and plan a quick trip to Brazil to witness the glorious game directly from the grounds and not just on your living room television sets. No matter how much you may love and appreciate your TV set or local sports bar, you know deep down that nothing can compare to the thrill of watching a good game at the ground. So if you have not booked your tickets yet, get over your doubts and pack your bags already. Just remember if you let this chance go, it will be another insufferable four years before the next chance you get to witness the game for yourself, firsthand.

Still not sold on the idea?

Why you must, must go

No, I am not a travel agent; so do not worry, the following is not a promotional message.
Now, why must you go to Brazil to watch the FIFA World Cup 2014?

Seriously?! Is the answer not in the question itself?! But still if I must hit the hammer on the head.

(a) It is the FIFA world cup – One of the best games played on this planet today (I just included the one of the best for political correctness; it is ‘the best game ever’.).
(b) It is being hosted in Brazil- Now this is one of the most beautiful countries you will ever find- the land, the people, the whole ambience....everything about the place is pure magic in the most natural, unspoilt way.

And finally, we all need a good break to rejuvenate and pamper ourselves and there is no better use of our hard earned holidays than taking a trip to an exotic land to watch the best game on the planet (I have decided I don’t care about political correctness).

So book your tickets already, in fact some of good people in the flying business have even started offering wonderfully affordable business class tickets to the whole of Latin America, thanks to the rush for the game from all over the world. Why just yesterday I came across a great deal from the wonderful people of asaptickets. The message said “Business Class Flights to Latin America - Save up to 70% OFF on Your Flight”, first I thought it was just another trick devised to get more clicks, but just a preliminary search proved my doubts wrong and their deal true to their words.

So now you don’t even have the excuse of terrible travelling conditions or ridiculously expensive tickets. Therefore, I suggest you quit over thinking and simply pack your stuff and get yourself a roundtrip ticket.