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It is time to plant the potatoes and onions

Zone six gardeners and that includes those in northern New Jersey are just beginning to see spring like weather. Spring was very late in coming this year as winter and unseasonable cold simply refused to depart. This has really disrupted the planting season.

Two crops which need to be addressed as soon as possible if they are to be a success in this year’s home garden are potatoes and onions, especially the onions.

Onions may be started indoors or in a greenhouse from seeds and if you have already done this, your timing is superb. The time to plant is now. However many home gardeners use onion plants or sets which are simply small onions overwintered as seed. They acquire these from gardening supply stores or web sites.

Again, if you have these handy this is the time to plant them. If not, better jump on the phone and see if your favor supplier has what you want still in stock. It may be necessary to contact several sources before you find what you need; check before you order.

Potatoes generally may be planted anytime you can get a spade in the soil but the problem here, if you don’t have seed potatoes on hand, is availability. As with the onions, call before placing an order, and avoid any problems with credits, refunds or even unwanted substitutions.

When the seed onions and potatoes arrive, waste no time placing them in the ground! You’ll want those fresh ingredients ready for summer potato salad.

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