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It is time for the Libertarian Party to put up or shut up

Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

The time is here. The nation is ripe. The vaunted 18-29 year old demographic is hungry for it. Over half the nation is searching for it…but it’s nowhere to be found.

Like an ancient Chinese curse: we are living in interesting times. The nation is in a state of turmoil. War is rampant. The economy is in shambles. The U.S. government is spying on its citizens. Local police have become militarized…threatening and killing the very individuals who pay their salary. There has been no greater opportunity for the libertarian party to become relevant than right here and right now…so where are they?

Chris Christie’s scandals have finally caught up with him, according to an article published by The Atlantic on January 22, 2014, Rand Paul is now the front-runner to represent the elephant party in 2016. The younger Paul is certainly benefiting from the momentum of his famously libertarian father. In other words, the movement and the message resonates. So why is the supposed party of liberty as obscure today as it ever was?

A Gallup poll conducted last October found 60 percent of Americans felt a third party was needed. So why is the LP so quiet? More importantly, why are they constantly trotting out elephant party rejects as the face of the movement? Why is Justin Amash a Republican? Why don’t they spend more time focusing on civil liberty violations that would at least get registered Democrats interested in the discussion?

Gary Johnson is going to get the 2016 Libertarian party nomination...that is why I likely will not vote again that year. Why doesn’t party have serious debates…now while the main two parties are off stage?

I would like to see the LP learn from the meteoric rise of Ron Paul, in terms of fundraising and consistency to the message.

I would like to see them make a heavy public investment in pursuing a true libertarian...not a liberty leaning Republican, right now. If Johnson does have the nomination locked up...He should be all over the news...Now, during this dead the time to make waves.

The time is now. The opportunity is now. The libertarian party needs to seize the moment or fade away. I am hoping they will learn from past transgressions, lose the idea that they are the Republican party’s little sister, and actually make a full blown effort to change the world. They need to stream line fundraising efforts, invest in the party, hire competent strategist and P.R. people, and recruit true liberty minded individuals to run for office. It’s time to run this right or get out of the way. I have great hope the LP can become a true force in politics and a voice of the liberty movement, but so far their efforts have been counter-productive. They have given the movement a black eye by nominating statist neo-cons like Bob Barr and left leaning Republicans like Johnson. Fortunately, the world has paid little attention. Now porcupines, now you have a chance to get your act together and do it right. If you can’t do that, you should disband and cede your limited resources to a group who will.

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