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It is the battle of the Canadian film festivals

Montreal World Film Festival
Montreal World Film Festival


  • Profile picture of brad
    brad 5 years ago

    Toronto has the better and more glamorous festival in the whole wide world. Too bad for you Montreal.

  • Jean Louis 5 years ago

    Calling Toronto culturally bankrupt is in your face as well. Acting like typical Montreal bullies to Toronto is fine as long as Toronto does not bully you. Then you just whine and complain like the spoiled children you are. What a bunch of spoiled ingrates you Montrealers are. Big babies all around.

    Toronto Film Festival crushes you whiny little babies. And deservedly so. You deserve so much more humiliation and taunts from Toronto as payback for all your verbal abuse over the years

  • Profile picture of Kara Hughes
    Kara Hughes 5 years ago

    Clarification by author:
    The comments that were made in the article about Toronto VS Montreal were meant to be tongue in cheek. I apologize if this was not clear, my intentions were not to offend any Torontonians! I was trying to point out stereotypes like ... Montrealers hate Toronto because they are culturally bankrupt and Toronto is constantly trying to catch up by being more American. This is an extreme pt of view, a stereotypes. The article was not meant to be anti-Toronto, which I thought I made clear by siding with TIFF. Both cities have a cultural way about them and I think we should celebrate all Cdn cultural events across the board! While there is an underlying competition btw the two festivals I don't believe it is necessarily in a negative way. Hey - if friendly competition means better movies come to Cdn screens in both cities then compete away! If anything I was saying to my fellow Montrealers to give TIFF the credit it deserves and stop being so caught up in trying to be the "culture kings!"

  • Jean Louis 5 years ago

    I am from Montreal and the hate on and jealousy of Toronto is annyoing and embarrassing and makes Montreal look really dumb and insecure.
    Please stop lying. The only "competition" there is is really one-sided. Montreal is constantly badmouthing Toronto because yes we are jealous of Toronto: the financial and cultural capitol of Canada. Deal with it.
    Toronto just ignores us all because they know we're a bunch of spoiled ingrates anyways. Why bother arguing with us anyways. This pathetic excuse of "I was just joking" is annoying and false. Montreals ego would be up in arms if Toronto ever "joked" about it to the extent Montreal lays the hate on.
    Admit the truth. Jealousy looks really ugly on Montreal. Keep hating maybe that's all you got.

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