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It is Summertime hello rain

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In El Paso,TX the stormy rain showers being one of its kind, came into the location of Canutillo, TX and some of the surrounding areas. Not all areas received the rain however, it has been noted the areas indicated have received a large amount of a downpour. It is always needed in the desert since it has a tendency to be so dry and hot at times. The rain creates an opportunity for the grass and all the plant life to grow and thrive. The rain also literally helps the weeds to be removed because of the ground being saturated they come up out of the ground readily. Moreover, the rain showers seems to quiet and cools things down. The rain washes and cleans everything. The grass even grows giving the residents a chance to mow some grass.

The plant food or fertilizer that is given to the plant is able to sink down into the soil better, now getting to the necessary parts of the plant, the root system. The month of July and August seems to be when the borderland of El Paso, TX is welcomed with more rain than other times of the year. Natural rain making it a natural setting for the whole entire day.

If the landscape is not established the rain can cause mudslides and other unwanted natural causes. To have a establishment of some type of plant life outdoors may help greatly to eliminate such things for the root systems of the plant life will help absorb the water more quickly.

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