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It is slogan time for Canada

In a few months, if all goes as the current Canadian federal government hopes, Canada will have a new slogan, or “brand” (in the current buzz word world) to present to the world.

Apparently, the folks who get big bucks to do this sort of thing have recently tossed around slogans such as “Canada: Impossible happens here.”

Another suggestion was “Canada: trade up.”, but no-one apparently could understand what that was supposed to mean.

Actually, as a catch phrase, “impossible happens here” is quite positive, in our opinion. Why? Because the goal of all of this is to somehow improve the branding and marketing of Canada to help the country and its exporters compete globally. “Impossible happens here.” sounds like it could do the trick. However, it has been scrapped by the big-wigs, and the search is on for something better.

We couldn’t resist.

How about this one: --- Canada, where men are men, sheep are nervous and women decorate with chain saws. Sort of says it all, don’t you think?

Or -- Canada--we used to be nice but now we just don’t give a dang.

Or -- This is Canada, where we dig stuff out of the ground, sell it to you so you can re-make it and we can buy it back.

According to the latest reports, the Conservative government has been trying to market Canada as one of the best countries in the world to invest while also actively seeking free-trade agreements with several trading blocs.

Canada--where apartheid lives on.

Canada: We used to have cash, hope and Trudeau. Now we have no cash, no hope and still have Trudeau.

C’mon, Mr. Harper. Just do it.

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