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It is shedding time

A carpet after using an industrial broom.
Melissa L. Stoneburner

About twice a year, dogs with fur go through a sort of molting process where their fur drips off in bits and hunks and covers carpets, furniture and automobiles. It can be annoying, but it is a part of pet ownership and our responsibility to our beloved four-legged companions to keep the fur cleaned up as much for us as for them. We would not want to lie around in our dead skin and they do not want to lie around in the fur that they have shed.

One obvious method to keep dogs from shedding so much is to keep them brushed. This process may have to be conducted daily or even more than one time throughout the day – depending on the pooch and how thick his or her fur is.

Even though you may follow through with this procedure, dog fur has a way of falling out anyway. If you think it does not get into your carpets, you are sadly fooling yourself. Even the best commercial vacuums cannot suck up the hair that gets trampled into the depths of your carpets. Try using a carpet rake or get an industrial broom and ‘sweep’ the carpets to see just how much hair remains behind. If you make raking or broom-ing your carpets a habit, you will discover less fur left behind.

As for our furniture, it is good to keep each piece vacuumed as often as you do your carpets, thus eliminating fur buildup on these expensive assets. Today’s market caters to pets, which ends up being a really good thing for us, too! There are actual seat covers made for automobiles created exclusively for the transport of our beloved canines. So, if you are worried about the upholstery, all you have to do is acquire one of these covers and routinely shake it off or launder it.

While you are cleaning up the fur, a good way to excise it from the home is to keep your animal’s belongings clean as well. Routinely vacuuming or laundering your pet’s beds, blankets and toys will help keep the fur out of the way of your pet and out of the household.

Eliminating pet fur from your house will help it to be cleaner. It will also offer a healthier respiratory system for you and your pets alike.

Dogs with fur cannot help that they shed when weather conditions change. It is just a part of who they are.

Although they may not appreciate the fact that they have their fur all around, they will certainly appreciate the fact that you are ready and willing to eliminate that fur routinely so it does not become too cumbersome!

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