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It is our garden to tend and keep

Yes there is good in this world. It is even easy to see and one could say that there is a preponderance of good overflowing into all of our lives. However, there is also corruption at every level. We see it in our politicians, our clergy, and in our corporations; everywhere in fact where someone is telling us they will do good for us all the while standing there with there hands open expecting us to contribute to their respective causes.

Brightness in the sky

The fact of good is established in Torah by the appearance of light in the very beginning. There is enough for all and the program for the establishment of good is both cumulative and enduring. So where does corruption enter in? It comes in the way of the snake. The snake the evil inclination Samael all refer to mistaken idea of separation that supposes that there is gain for me at the expense of someone or something else. In the case of Genesis the gain is tasting of the Tree of Life which ironically already is set aside for every good that is ever to come into being. This tasting is a selfish act and proves itself in the various takings that occur throughout our society in those who would prey upon the good of others to steal it for their own. Some call it the ego that only thinks of itself but in reality it is the negation of divinity. This is what leads to being cut off from divinity which leads to further corruption.

The answer or the counter to this cutting off is by definition connection. We may only connect with divinity through sharing with others our time, our good will and our resources. This is a principle that is constantly being cited in Torah, in Zohar, Talmud and every sacred writing. It ironic that because of this principle those who prey upon others gather their own designs since most people are all too willing to give even to those who already have more than they.

Each of us has a responsibility to make the world a better place in every conceivable way. This is the dressing and keeping of the garden. We support the poor, help the unfortunate and care for the aged. All of this we do because it is the right thing to do. It is a personal responsibility and cannot be delegated to others simply because no one can serve the good better than we can ourselves. Our contributions must therefore be personal. If we give someone money to do this for us thinking we have discharged that responsibility then we are mistaken since the easiest way for corruption to grow is giving money without accountability.

It is our garden to tend and keep. What better way to fulfill that principle of good then to teach others how to do the same. Do not empower the takers but rather empower the good. See to it personally. B"H

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