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It is only fitting that 'Draft Day' have a Super Bowl commercial tonight

If you have been watching the Super Bowl pre-game today on FOX you may have seen a segment that featured Kevin Costner, Jennifer Gardener and Denis Leary. They were there to promote their upcoming movie, "Draft Day." It is only fitting that there will be a Super Bowl commercial for the movie airing tonight, but you can watch it right now by clicking on the video above.

Draft Day movie poster
Summit Entertainment

The Super Bowl ad for "Draft Day" moves very fast. Considering how much it costs to advertise during the Super Bowl, that makes sense. Kevin Costner wants to talk football and he is looking at a very high pick in the upcoming draft as this movie is supposed to give a glimpse as to what happens behind the scenes during the draft. It was revealed during the interview today, that, for the first time the NFL let movie cameras in during a live draft.

The Super Bowl ad for "Draft Day" makes it look like it can be a movie enjoyed by NFL fans and non-fans alike. We will find out for sure when the movie opens on April 11.

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