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It Is Not So Difficult To Shed Pounds, If You Stop Trying Too Hard

Those of us who want to lose weight seem to be hooked by the fat trap.

It is all a familiar story.

We arrive at a weight loss clinic determined to slim down and almost always succeed by sticking to the clinic’s stringent weight loss regimen.

Thereafter, without exception, the pounds or kilograms start creeping back. Within a matter of months, if not earlier, we are back to square one.

This entire cycle looks odd. The very people, who are motivated to lose weight, succeed in achieving their goal without much trouble and yet inevitably regain the lost pounds.

Is it lack of discipline or failure of will power? It is a challenge to find the right answer to this question.

These days nobody wants to be fat.

Even if your heart is healthy and the cholesterol and blood pressure numbers are well within limits, to be perceived obese is embarrassing. Not only you are dreadful looking in people’s eyes, but also assumed to be weak-willed and lazy.

Herein is packed our most coveted desire, which is to find some easy ways to lose weight and get fit with a healthy lifestyle.

No one will deny, if you have this objective.

However, in the process, we must never become too obsessive.

To be a bit on the stocky side does not matter. If you are fitter than most, very rarely ill, and with a good mental makeup, it is pointless to get trapped by the ubiquitous “get slim” campaign.

The media hype to look slender is a ploy by the multibillion dollar slimming industry to pull you in an endless frustrating cycle.

You are compelled to join a slimming clinic by paying through your nose and to buy questionable products in the market that promise you an enviable figure in days if not weeks. It is not surprising, if none of the claims work.

So, what is the correct approach?

The right approach is to ask yourself - is being overweight compromising on your overall health, physical fitness, and on your attitude towards life?

If yes, then losing weight is important.

To lose weight, you have to set the right goals and most important of all you must have the right attitude.

Here are a few tips that will help:

Stop trying too hard

As mentioned earlier, there is no point in being too obsessive. The more you try to be motivated, the more it becomes elusive. Develop habit-changing skills and allow it to run its natural course.

Have a holistic approach towards life

If you are struggling to stick to a weight-loss regimen, try practicing integrity in some other areas of your life as well. Fulfill your promises and commitments to your spouse, friends, and co-workers. You will be amazed how your determination improves.

Do not be carried away by ultra-skinny models

Your objective must be to have the right weight to remain healthy and not have an unrealistic goal by looking at pictures of some fashion models.

Focus on the 'feel good factor'

Do not get on your scale everyday and get frustrated because you are not progressing.

As per a psychologist, you must concentrate on your mood after each workout and after you have eaten a healthy meal. The feel good factor provides you with the required reinforcement to keep going.

Enjoy your life along the way

Do not put off, until you have lost weight, all those fun things like going on a vacation or meeting up with your friends at a new place. Stay empowered, get on with your life, and not be in a penalty mode.

List your positive reasons for losing weight

Forget the “I want to look fashionable” part. List out things like, feeling more energetic, having more stamina, or experiencing overall better health. This will remind you to stay on track.

Be optimistic and have the right goals, and you will be surprised how liberated you feel.

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