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Whne big and little connect
Whne big and little connect
picture by Michele

Why do dog owners of big dogs think it is ok to allow their big dogs to accost little ones. Yes some little dogs are yappy, and trouble makers, but that is also an owner issue. If this was something happening to your child at school, the offending child would be reported as a bully. Ok, big dog owner, let's pretend this is you. You weigh 8 pounds, and are on a leash, out for your daily walk with your human. You are just walking along, and out of nowhere this 80 pound dog comes charging from a yard, with no leash or human. Of course you are going to react. Now let's remember you are small, AND you are on a leash, so you are a captive audience. Obeying the law this time might be the death of you, because of someone's carelessness. This is equivalent to me walking you on a leash, and having a bear come charging at you. Even worse what if you were old, and don't see well. All you hear is growling, and claws digging their way to you! And then to make things worse the dog's human is standing in the yard saying "Oh please Rover, don't do that," but is making no effort to stop the attack. You know this little dog is God's too! What gives you the right to terrorize it. If your big dog does not listen, then get a fence, or a leash. One bite and that little being could be taken from this world. Is that murder? Indeed it is. If you can't teach your dog to behave, find a home where they can. Little dogs have as much right to walk, as big ones. Most states do have a leash law, so when your dog leaves it's yard, and attacks a smaller one you are responsible, and this might even cause your dog to be euthanized. Take full responsibility for you companion's behavior, at all times. And no it is NOT funny.