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It is National Volunteer Week

Comfort Dogs and their handlers volunteer wherever needed across the United States.
Comfort Dogs and their handlers volunteer wherever needed across the United States.
Lutheran Church Charities

This year, in 2014, volunteers of all ages, genders, cultures and backgrounds, are celebrated this week! The celebration began on Sunday, April 6th and will continue through to Saturday, April 12th. It is the 40th year that volunteers are being recognized in such a public fashion!

No matter where you look, schools, churches or out and about in your community, there are people out offering up their time and effort to serve others’ needs. While most of these individuals don’t need to be recognized for what they feel is the right thing to do, many organizations like to show them appreciation by offering them a token for their service. Sometimes it is with a celebratory meal or sometimes it is with a budget-friendly gift; made even more special when personalized.

No matter how organizations say ‘thank you’ to their volunteers, it is just nice that they show them how valued they truly are. Once an organization takes the time to recognize and encourage, the workers are that much more inspired to find even more imaginative ways to join with other community members to be successful in their endeavors. Working together with fortitude through all of the challenges today’s market has to offer feels even better when goals are achieved!

This designated week is all about taking appropriate action, encouraging volunteers, and inviting other community members to join in the effort to make social changes. When everyone sees that collective power does make a difference, they are more likely to stay on the road they are on or to get on the road after all.

National Volunteer Week is a Points of Light program. It is sponsored by Advil® as a part of the Advil® Relief in Action campaign. The program was established in 1974; growing exponentially with each passing year. There are currently thousands of volunteer projects and special events scheduled throughout the United States during this celebratory week.

For the past 40 years volunteers have been admired for their dutiful dedication. It is important for organizations to demonstrate the enduring importance of acknowledging the volunteers in the United States for their vital contributions.

Keep up the good work volunteers! Whether you realize it or not, your actions are vital to the work being accomplished nationally and throughout the globe. Without your heartfelt dedication, neither charitable organizations nor profit organizations would be able to achieve as much as they do, in the various fashions that they do it.

Keep up the good work volunteers! This is your week to shine!

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