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It is like a baby on train tracks

Good and effective news writing, especially good and effective political news writing, requires a keen sense of the concerns of all people, not just one political party, not just one economic stratum, not just males or females, not one ethnic group and so on.
It can also mean paying attention to very isolated people whose opinions and concerns are not shared by any large group, if not yet at least.
In the United States the First Amendment of the Constitution helps ensure the news will really be the news. It ensures that not just one group has complete control of the news.
In an effort to ensure I hear you, I have made several means available. Your comments here are allowed by a selection I make when publishing these articles. Examiner gives me the option to disallow them. I have various Facebook pages, some with as public as possible access. You may also reach me without other public notice at The Town Voice even if you don't have a telephone or a computer. All you need is access to a public library and a computer there.
I take the First Amendment and the news very seriously.
A problem often found with the First Amendment however is that a lack of resolution develops. While every opinion may be heard it does not logically follow that every opinion is correct. The flow of society requires resolution, and the mistaken belief that there may never be one sometimes develops from a misreading of the First Amendment.
From time to time laws are made. That means an issue has been resolved at least as things stand. People may still speak out about a law they don't approve, but the law remains in the meantime. Without resolution there would be anarchy, which is widely considered undesirable. Most people recognize that some opinions are wrong, even if they continue to allow a discussion.
Because the First Amendment is not understood, because a lack of resolution does develop, it can seem like the crying of babies. When they are clean and fed and comfortable they might yet cry. It can be difficult to guess the reason if any. Did you take his toy? I did not take his toy, it is in his crib right beside him. He has free access to it and always has.
Sometimes the resolution needful for the flow of society shatters the worldview of some people. They are not capable of understanding how things have turned.
Some of them are wrong. My job here is to find those who might be right.
Many people today believe there are too many laws. Too many laws can make a mockery of law, the purpose of which, in this country at least, is to set people free from the unnecessary intrusion of others. People who complain there are too many laws might be correct then.
Still some few laws might be necessary nevertheless. If it is not understood freedom degrades to anarchy, which as already noted is widely considered undesirable. People who challenge some of those few laws might be wrong, those laws might be quite necessary.
An argument often given for same sex marriage is that the homosexuals are not intruding in the lives of others. Indeed many people, and many who attend religious services, fail to see how same sex marriage might impinge on things generally. With the low regard far too many heterosexuals have for marriage, and the little meaning marriage has left, indeed homosexuals can claim to have that much regard for marriage.
Government management of child support and marriage can develop serious levels of irony. The purpose of marriage was to ensure that people took care of their own without need of others or government.
Same sex marriage is only one example. There are several issues in need of a resolution. There are several issues where mature adult, educated, tested opinion will have to close down the discussion somewhat and perhaps shatter the worldview of some people.
Any laws there might be about what color shirt to wear on Tuesdays or what sauce goes with angel hair pasta might have to be removed.
Marriage might prove in the long run to be a more serious matter than some have guessed.
There's a train coming and my advice is to get the baby off the tracks. I do try to keep the lines of communication open, but they can get jammed with yet another boatload of nutcases wandering out of the docks.
Ordinarily I avoid mentioning my connection to news stories. This is a special exception for reasons that should be clear.

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