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It is important to recognize when your dog is in pain

I need my buddy when I don't feel well!!
I need my buddy when I don't feel well!! Chihuahuas

As a responsible pet owner, seeing your dog in pain is as difficult for you as it is for your pet. It can be heartbreaking to witness your dog suffering since you can’t get a vocal reply as to what is ailing him or her. Pain in an animal is hard to detect and takes an observant and educated pet parent to know the signs and signals of an ill dog. When in doubt, be sure to contact your local Rockford-area veterinarian as listed below or one closest to your home and get your pet diagnosed and treated.

Some signs of pain in a dog may be subtle while others are quite visible, such as difficulty getting up from a laying position, walking slowly, favoring a particular limb and inability to climb stairs. Most often, a dog may show signs of stiffness and discomfort first thing in the morning and after a nice, long nap. Common reasons your dog is suffering with pain can be due to arthritis, joint stiffness and loss of mobility. Such issues are more frequent in the senior-aged pet although any dog can be affected.

The sooner you can notice your dog is suffering with pain and discomfort, the quicker you can treat the condition and have a better prognosis for your pet. Whatever the cause of the pain, you can help your dog live life with more ease. You can get your pet moving again with less discomfort and inflammation of the limbs and joints. Exercise is crucial in alleviating such distress.

It does not mean that you should take your dog, in grave soreness, and run five miles down a track, up and down stairs or climb any hills. It is however important that your pet continue some type of exercise and playtime on a regular basis. Even though your pet is uncomfortable, if you avoid any type of activity, your dog will only get worse. Moderate exercise, short daily walks and daily play sessions for short periods will keep your pet happy and healthy.

You don’t always need to drug your dog in order to help him or her live a happier, healthier life, pain-free. Your veterinarian may prescribe a medication or choose an all-natural supplement that can “grease” the old bones and joints. Other suggestions to help a pet in pain is to monitor the diet and avoid obesity. The more weight your pet carries around, the harder it will be on the joints. If you have concerns about weight loss, contact your veterinarian for a healthy weight loss plan for your pet.

Keep your dog warm if possible and encourage it to sleep on a warm, comfy bed rather than a hard floor area. Place the bed in a warm spot and provide blankets if your pet feels chilled. You would be amazed at how many dogs will find a way to cover themselves, especially the smaller breeds. You can try booties for the pet that will allow it, and restrain your dog to carpeted areas in the home.

Be an observant pet parent so that you can notice a pet in pain. Following the steps above can help to ease the discomfort and provide the long, happy life your dog deserves.

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