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It is heating up with forcing the abortion mandate on religious organizations

Supreme Court Judge Sonia Sotomayer issued an exemption for implementing an Obamacare mandate against a group of nuns.
Supreme Court Judge Sonia Sotomayer issued an exemption for implementing an Obamacare mandate against a group of nuns.

In a stunning move that shocked the Obama Administration, Supreme Court Judge Sonia Sotomayor issued a surprise order last week that temporarily stopped the government from enforcing its contraceptive requirement on a group of nuns at the Little Sisters of the Poor Home for the Aged.,0,1578524.story#axzz2pXSfQjZA

The Justice Department countered on Friday, January 3rd for the Supreme Court not to exempt Catholic nuns from offering birth control coverage under Obamacare. The Catholic religious organizations have the most conservative approach concerning sexual standards and have filed a blizzard of lawsuits protesting being forced to offer abortions and contraceptives that violate their religious principles.

The order by Sotomayor could signal bad news for the Obama Administration since there are two cases pending in the Supreme Court by religious based private organization that have also protested being forced to participate in the government’s edicts that violates their religious conscience.

A news story filed by Christian Broadcast Network (CBN) reporters George Thomas and Shoshannah Nunez on Saturday, January 4th revealed that Wheaton College President Philip Ryken noted that the lawsuits filed by religious, private, and public businesses against the Obamacare mandate is unprecedented.

"To my knowledge, this is the largest number of lawsuits filed against the federal government on a religious liberty issue in the history of our country," remarked Ryken.

The Obama Administration has reversed its course to some degree after purposely leaving out a religious exemption for faith based groups. After a firestorm of protests and complaints, the government offered some limited exemptions for non-profits that would expire in the future, however many groups as the Little Sisters of the Poor Home for the Aged claimed that was not enough.

On behalf of the nuns, the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty filed a lawsuit which declared forcing the nuns to participate in the sweeping health mandate violated the US Constitution by trampling on the religious rights of the nuns.

"The principle that will be laid down in these cases we hope will protect people from having their religious beliefs violated and coerced by heavy-handed government regulation, declared Kyle Duncan of the Becket Fund.

"Our federal government is massive and powerful. It can obviously find ways to distribute contraceptives and abortion pills without forcing nuns to be involved," declared Duncan in a statement released on Friday, January 3rd.

The Becket Fund also stipulated that it was unnecessary for the Justice Department to file a brief on Friday which urged the lifting of the stay ordered by Judge Sotomayor. The perception that the brief filed by the Justice Department was more political than a point of law demonstrates inconsistencies to the protections guaranteed by the US Constitution which the Justice Department is charged to observe.

The Justice Department has demonstrated several missteps when it authorized the tapping of phone lines of reporters of Associated Press last year. US Attorney General Eric Holder also declared last year that parents do not have a right to home school their children.

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