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It is emmy season in hollywood

Orange is the New Black "for your consideration" billboard sighting on Vine St in Hollywood
Orange is the New Black "for your consideration" billboard sighting on Vine St in Hollywood
copyright 2014 Lori J Bjork

Here's a rundown for the 2014 Emmy season, the 66th.

seen on the streets of Hollywood
copyright 2014 lori j bjork
  • Nomination ballots sent out June 9
  • Completed ballots must be returned by June 20
  • Nominations will be announced live July 10 at 5:30 a.m. PST viewable on the Emmy website
  • August 25 the award show will air live on NBC. This year's host will be Seth Meyers.

Like summer, winter, spring and fall; Emmy season is about three months long. Billboards begin to blossom around Hollywood in June, allowing non-members of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS) to be alerted that Emmy season has begun.

For your sightseeing consideration, in June you will find Emmy "For Your Consideration" billboards around the streets of Hollywood. Of course, "For Your Consideration" is actually secret code for "please vote for me." Had this examiner wondering if it must be crass to just come right out and "asssssssk" for votes?

Also had your examiner wondering why the series that are nominated are nominated.

Apparently it is crass to come right out and ask for votes. However, it is not crass to pay for the privilege of being nominated. TV Guide estimated that your favorite TV series, at minimum, may spend $150,000 and possibly will dole out upwards of half a million dollars for the privilege. There is an entry fee a studio must pay to the Academy. There are DVD screeners that must be sent to each voter. Then there are the advertisements, like the billboards, that contribute to the cost (investment?) to being nominated.

Sort of begs the question "is it worth it?"

In 2010 Randee Dawn wrote an article that appeared in The Hollywood Reporter titled, "How much is an Emmy worth?" According to the article,

"Unlike an Oscar, which typically boosts boxoffice and DVD sales in a quantifiable way, the value of an Emmy is more elusive. It means the most to the most vulnerable in TV -- struggling shows, nascent actors, networks looking for a branding hook."

Yet, for this examiner none of that seems important when you are staring at a larger-than-life image of Jon Hamm in shades peering down at you while strolling along Vine Street in Hollywood.

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