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It is chocolate day

Who doesn’t enjoy chocolate or at least some form of it? July 7 is Chocolate Day, and it gives us chocolate lovers a reason to go crazy. We can thank Mexico for the cocoa bean that was finally discovered by the Europeans on July 7, 1550.

Cocoa was discovered in Mexico way before the 1500s. It's said that Christopher Columbus had it several times, but it went undiscovered. With cocoa, Europeans finally started to make the drink hot chocolate.

People enjoyed the jolt of energy that it gave to them. Eventually, sugar was added to chocolate and eating chocolate was created. Now chocolate is known all over the world and made by several manufacturers.

Facts about chocolate:

Dark chocolate is considered healthier than milk or white chocolate because it has more cocoa beans instead of sugar.

Eating dark chocolate helps the cardiovascular system by making the arteries wider so blood can pass through freely.

By just smelling chocolate, people relax because the smell activates the thema brain waves.

Eating bigger quantities of chocolate can cause headaches. People who are prone to migraines need to be careful of the chocolate intake.

Eating dark chocolate reduces heart disease by one third.

Chocolate has caffeine and sugar so if you have a sensitivity to either of these, be careful of eating chocolate.

Hershey creates 90 million Hershey kisses per day!

Cadbury made the first chocolate candy bar in 1842.

The US uses 3.5 million pounds of whole milk to make milk chocolate everyday.

One chocolate chip can give a person enough energy to walk 150 feet.

Hershey kisses were made in 1907 in the shape of a square until a machine made its current shape in 1921.

Fifty percent more depressed people eat chocolate than non depressed people.

Today take the time to enjoy eating or making something delicious with chocolate!

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