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It is all your fault

You are responsible -

Why are we the judge of everyone else rather than be the judge of ourselves first? Why are we so concerned with everyone else and their faults. Why?

Because it is an easy excuse not to take responsibility for your own actions, life, career or whatever path your on. And most importantly, what happened to the old saying, because it sure isn’t a new one… YOU are responsible. ACTIONS speak louder than words and you are responsible for those too. I remember touching on that subject in kindergarten. I understood it then as I understand it now even though I am human and sometimes not perfect.

Parents, too, seem to veer from that concept.. I remember blaming myself for the holes in the wall my son had made for whatever life's crisis we were dramatizing at the time. And then shortly after, I thought about another perspective. Guess what, he knew what he was doing and it was his fault…not mine. I didn’t lose my temper and add another hole next to his. Children do have intelligence, they do have a choice. And those choices that are destructive, need to deliver consequences. He may have been depressed, had a fight with a teacher or friend but does not give him the right to put a hole in my wall.

What if I did that in the workplace? Would I remain an employee?

As parents, as team players in the workplace and as good friends, maybe we need to step back and think about our own work ethic and responsibility. Maybe we need to get acquainted with the old words of the wise that if we can’t say anything good about anyone, lets keep our mouth shut. A lesson learned again for me at a very young age. Maybe, we need to think about work, responsibility, caring for others, and discipline in our own journey versus looking at everyone else who is trying to block our initiative. And if someone is having trouble, maybe we can ask what their plan is not ours.

Maybe we are just not saints but we can try to choose a path of success and happiness that can be an example to others. Maybe that example will make a difference to those horrible tyrants......those others at fault. But, THEIR choice...once again.

Just something to think about.

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